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Hey Worldlers,

As a celebrity makeup artist, yours truly has met and done makeup magic on a number of well, let’s just say “interesting” people in the entertainment industry. Karen Abercrombie star of director Alex Kendricks movie “War Room” is so sweet and down-to-Earth. The actress is not afraid to take a chance on someone new coming in to do makeup on her condition.

Now you may ask, SAMELIA what condition?”

Well, Karen has “Melasma”.

Some of you are probably wondering what Melasma is this?

For those of you unfamiliar with this skin condition, it is hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration due to overproduction of pigment. karen Abercrombie, karen Abercrombie samelia, samelia, samelia miller, samelia's world, karen Abercrombie samelia Smart Cover cosmetics, rouge artists, rouge artists samelia, samelia makeup, samelia makeup artists, celebrity makeup artists It is patchy and may look tan, brown or blue gray on the skin.

So yours truly had to do a corrective makeup application on Karen. The term “corrective makeup” is not heard often, but this makeup technique is used all of time!


What is corrective makeup you may ask?

The definition of corrective makeup may vary from makeup artist to artists, in my opinion. Corrective makeup is truly the art of being able use highlight and shadows with makeup product colors to create the illusion of a balance skin tone.

This type of makeup can be effective if applied properly. However, one should proceed with caution because if is not applied correctly, blended well, even using the wrong colors can make the face look horrific or completely unnatural.

Makeup artists must also sure be well verse in makeup foundations, as the common one do not work well. Tending to slip if used in combination with other cosmetic products.

Yours truly had to choose a makeup product line with superior coverage and that is long lasting.

“Smart Cover”!

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That’s right, yours truly used Smart Cover Cosmetics on actress Karen Abercrombie. There are several makeup lines yours truly could have used on her, but I felt Smart Cover for this particular actress was best for her skin. As she has tan and brown patches disbursed all over her face. This beauty product line has a variety of foundation colors, normally artist use two (light and dark). Yours truly used there full coverage concealing crème in dark beige and deep beige.

I like this concealing crème because it is really thick, rich, and creamy. A little goes a long way. Yours truly likes that it has a matte finish, leaving one the option to apply powder. Be is not nesscessary.

Admitting I have not use the line in a long time but, when I told of Karen Abercrombie’s skin condition yours truly knew who to call. Thank you Nancy Roberts for getting the Smart Cover products I needed to me so quickly!



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