How to be successful in the makeup business…

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SAMELIA’s WORLD Happy Monday!

Yours truly is often asked, “How can I be successful at makeup AND in the makeup business“?

Well let me express, that the two are completely different things… If you are wondering!

That’s Right!

You must conquer one before the other, as it is a process. Most think makeup is fun, having no clue how serious it is or how the business can be. Especially as the social media world continuous grows! Extraordinary makeup artists, who have had to promo their brands through portfolios for years, deal with agents, agencies, and percentages. Now, freely have the opportunity to expose their creative work without restrictions showcasing it to the world!

Yours truly is not insinuating that portfolios, agencies, agents and managers are not needed… Do not believe that, for one moment. Particularly when one reaches a certain level of makeup success in the business… Simply telling you that promotion of ones self should be much easier, but it does put another task/ job on the “artists”.

So makeup artists do not just have to do makeup anymore… You must also be aware of the business that comes with it. 

Think about it…

If your job requires using your hands all day, how can you pick up the phone? If the hand is on another human beings face, do you think they want to here your conversation, or your breath completely in their air? LOL!

That is just sounds gross!

You might think your truly is be funny… I see it all the time with makeup assistants, wardrobe, and hair stylist. Thinking to myself “I would not want to be that person”…

Not only is it unsanitary, but horrible for business. Remember anyone can apply makeup and everyone has styles of makeup that they love. Makeup is a business. Makeup artists should educate themselves on it to expand your career, because it is your brand!


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