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Yours truly feels we have gone through 4 different seasons in one month. As the weather is absolutely nuts! Rain, sleet and snow…  Ok not really “snow” yet. HA!

Talk about global warming!

The weather was killing my lips! Lol…

Yes I said, “MY LIPS”!

 Shaking my head,  because it was driving me crazy for a while that I could not get these dry, chapped, @$s lips together!  Anyway, if this is your first time to my blog, yours truly has a lip balm, gloss, lip pencil, and lipstick fetish.

Now you may think SAMELIA ,“You are not serious”..?

Yes, yours truly is serious as a heart attack! My lips are one of the favorite parts of my body. My lips were bleeding, peeling, and etc… Some of you know and understand my pain???

Actually healing the skin on my lips was ridiculous. Yours truly was embarrassed to even speak on the subject. For the same odd reason my brain was clogged and didn’t give me the  commons sense to just exfoliated them to remove the dead skin off.   samelia, samelia miller, samelia's world,

Instead, yours truly dealt with peeled it off with my bare finger tips. “Gross”! Which, happens to be the reason I had such a huge problem. Then a friend suggested trying and exfoliant for my lips (not that I haven’t heard of it) yours truly was just hesitant.

So yours truly purchased two different type of exfoliants.  The first was “maracuja lip exfoliant” from Tarte cosmetics. The passion fruit flavor makes it so yummy as it scrubs your lips. The result help smooth the skin quickly, leaving them extremely soft.  maracuja lip exfoliant, Tarte cosmetics, samelia, samelia miller, samelia's world

The Benefit cosmetics Dr. Feelgood buffing lip beads exfoliate is the second one yours truly tried. The consistency of this product is very interesting… Having waxy coating as you scrub your lips, leaving them calm and smooth immediately it seems.

Both of these beauty products are great and have your truly now an addicted… Have any of you tried these two? If so, what are your thoughts??


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