Spring No Makeup, Makeup!


Spring is finally here, and the last couple of days yours truly has been on several shoots doing my favorite hobby. Funny enough, there are a few questions I keep getting constantly asked!

The most frequent, “Do to the hot California weather… What stylish look can I wear in the heat”..?

“How can I accent my eye or make my eyes pop without a lot of eye makeup”?

Any suggestions…

“What is a good NO makeup, makeup look for this Spring?

No worries ladies! Yours truly can relate to both the East and West Coast. As I am originally from Miami, FL where the humidity, heat and rain at times can be unbearable… Now living in the Los Angeles dessert, dry heat environment. So believe me yours truly can help you plenty of great looks for Spring’s new heat!

Here are some easy to do “No” makeup, “Makeup looks you may want to try at home…

No Makeup, Makeup Look | SAMELIA BEAUTY

To achieve most of these looks:

  1. Try using a tinted moisturizer as give moisture to dry skin and a healthy glow. If you have oily skin a simple compact or press powder is great.
  2. Apply cream or regular eye shadow of your choice depending on the humidity in you city, your truly suggest cream for cities with dry desert heat. If you want you eye color to be enhanced or pop… Those with eye colors: blue I suggest shadows with orange tones, green stick to purple or browns. For those of us with typical brown eye for natural looks go with shadows that have brown, green or purple tones.
  3. Or skip the eye shadow and just use waterproof eyeliner. When going for the no makeup, makeup look a then line of eyeliner is a very good way to enhance the eyes.
  4. Mascara is one of my favorite makeup tools. Sometime with or without all the eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara by itself can give of the illusion that the eye are complete with makeup. Appling a good coat of Mascara on your top lashes by itself… For a more dramatic effect, try putting a coat on the bottom as well.
  5. Last a neutral/natural lip color of your choice… Lip Pencil, lipstick or goss will do!


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