Spring Foods For Your Skin

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Happy Monday Worldlers,

Spring is approaching… And when it comes to Spring time, many people including yours truly become weight watchers… Worrying about gaining weight, maintaining it or… Putting in their mind, “I gotta look great in my bathing suit”… HA!

SAMELIA’s WORLD is not only concerned about weight but, the beauty aspect of things as well. You are probably wondering “SAMELIA, what are you talking about”?

If this is your first time joining in my world, yours truly is someone who has done makeup on many celebrity’s faces and as licensed skincare professional I am asked quite often… “What foods can I eat to make this acne clear up before Spring.

“ What beauty products should I use on my skin as Spring approaches, so I can prevent breaking out from all the weather changes?”

Well folks!

Eating the traditional foods shouldn’t be thought of as a bad thing! It actually has some of the best ingredients for skincare.   Carrots, cranberry, nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin just to name a few!


Now yours truly is not a dietitian nor a nutritionist, but I do suggest you try some of these awesome ingredients in foods or products made with them. As they are all great. If you are unsure why… Here yea go!

  • We all know carrots are a great source of vitamin “A”… Which is an antioxidant help prevent certain types of cancer, treat acne, primarily wrinkles or aging skin. Carrots also contain Vitamin C that aids the collagen production in our body. So don’t worry about the carrot cake ha ha..!
  • You gotta love cranberries… Superb not only for the body and greatly known to help preventing urinary track infections… Yours truly completely knows about this! LOL   On the another hand, it is also amazing for treating oily skin. Yup, the Scarlett red berries are great for the skin condition such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema! Guess it’s not too bad to enjoy a classes cranberry juice  *=*
  • You probably would have never guessed “Nutmeg” prevents free radical formation resulting in clearer and a light skin tone. Nutmeg’s anti-inflammatory properties help the healing process, clear blemishes and marks on the skin. If you can find it in a oil it’s much better in my opinion.
  • Ok… I usually use this in my sons  oatmeal. If you’re looking for good exfoliant “cinnamon” powder can be used to remove dead skin. It also stimulates blood vessels plumping skin at times. Worldlers yours truly would avoid using this under or near the eyes. But, you may want to try cinnamon sticks to plump up the lips! Those of you with tiny lips of course… 🙂
  • So Halloween is over… Pumpkin is definitely seasonal, but great for the skin! For those of you having hormonal acne, you may want to try pumpkin seeds. As the zinc in them aides oil production and hormone levels. It is also full of fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxyl acids, that help increase cell turnover, for brighter and smoother skin. Probably one of my favorites for the skin!

“Worldlers” yours truly hopes this helps some of you who are concerned about skincare this Spring? If you would like to know about the other food great for the skin, shoot me a comment below!

I’m off Worldlers…


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