Thanksgiving Workout Tips

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It’s Transformation Tuesday and yours truly wants you to transform your mind to believe that you don’t have to gain weight this holiday! If you missed yesterday’s post… I touched on how some Thanksgiving foods are great for skincare.

Today, yours truly wants you to transfer your mind into believing you do not have to gain weight eating Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing. LOL! Now you might be wondering “SAMELIA,” where are you going with this one..?  Well, here are a few workout tips that I use to help me get through the Thanksgiving holiday…

  1. Get up Most of us sleep in and do exactly what we are we are supposed to during the holiday, “RELAX”! You do not have to hibernate like a bear sleeping in everyday. GET UP! Now I know this sounds a bit intense, but if you want to maintain your body… Before everyone decides to be active or you have to head to holiday events… Go for a walk, run or bike ride to have a moment for yourself. Or invite family and other members with you on your vacation.
  2. Time to Boogie  Now if your family is anything like mine… Then create your own dance party! Lol. That’s right! The minute one puts on dance music in my house, the entire family gets down. This is an incredible way to end an evening after eating any type of meal. The dancing can go on for hours and is a great for aerobic exercise.
  3. Game Time  One thing that drives yours truly nuts is that I cannot get the kiddo off the electronics! So if you can’t beat them, why not join them I get a workout? Now you’re probably wondering what I am talking about… Think about it. All of the games our children playing have tools that make us do things physically such as, bowling, dance, and tennis on the  Xbox, Wii Fit etc…

Worldlers, a little food for thought! 


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