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As usual, the New Year brings those always-ambitious New Year resolutions (sigh). A fresh start, making more money, saving more, and losing weight are some common resolutions I often come across.

Well let me just say that after eating that SUPER yummy Christmas dinner at my moms AND the leftovers (funny how the leftovers seem to get better day by day) it was time to get “that ass” under control, Literally!

How many of you have this as a resolution??? LOL!

Now, everyone has his or her ideal weight, size, etc., and normally yours truly is usually focused on losing a few pounds. This time it is more than a few pounds as the buttons on my jeans were no longer wanting to get along with the holes they are supposed to go in, Ugh!

Not to mention, the whispers of girls staring at my butt and even asking me if I have butt injections.  Now some of you might think this is cute or a compliment but umm, no. There is nothing cute about a big, sloppy, fat ass. Yep I said it, just being real.

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Yours truly, will be the first to say that this ass has gotten out of control so my goal is to get this behind of mine into shape, in other words get some “ASS CONTROL.”

Heck it’s all about the shape anyway isn’t it?

I find it funny how many want an ass like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, J Lo, and even yours truly not knowing the maintenance that comes along with it. BIG BUTTS MUST BE MAINTAINED FOLKS!!!

With that being said your truly has been watching what I eat the last few weeks… Now, I will be diligently working on gaining “Ass Control during the next few weeks. I know that seems like a short period of time but it can be done with hard work and dedication. Feel free to join me on this journey, as I will be sharing my workouts, foods, and the things that inspire me. I will gladly provide assistance to those of you who would like to join me on this.

So if going on a diet or getting into shape was on your resolution list lets do this thing together!

Comment or message me if you would like join me getting sexy or about your experience. Come into “SAMELIA’s WORLD”

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