Atlin’s Christmas List

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Hey Worldlers!

Do you have your Christmas List ready? Well… Yours truly “Woke up like this”!

Based on the fact you are viewing a notepad above, there must notes truly from my son in this. HA! Imagine waking up to a child coming in your room, telling you breakfast is ready (he mad pop tart for me), and your child sits you  down at the table as though it is time for a negotiation…

Welcome, to SAMELIA’s WORLD!


Where kids show you that they “think” they’re truly running the show. Maybe this morning Atlin thought it was the Kids Choice Awards…

Hmm… Or something to that effect, because he was super excited! Telling me, “Mommy, here is my Christmas list. Santa Claus does not have to bring everything… You can help, but I want my top 10.”


Continuing on to say… “Also, you can share this list with Daddy, Pops, Grandma, Uncle Sam… Do POOKY or SAMARIA have money?”


Yeah, all I could do was laugh inside. The moment my son started speaking, I knew he was serious. Yours truly did not want to crush his dreams of being a “BOSS” for two seconds in his life! As we have to teach our children to be a leaders and follow your dreams.

This kid was out of control. Where did I go wrong, I thought to myself ? As he is in straight dream mode. Do this have anything to do with being a single child???

Take a look at this list and you tell me your thoughts of Atlins Christmas list:  

  1. I need more of those P-O-L-O ( that would be POLO) jeans. The ones I have are getting to short.
  2. More Hoodies
  3. Long sleeve shirts because its too cold
  4. Call cousin tell him, to bring “my” horse (He lives in another state) to grandma’s house since we will be there.
  5. I want “JMax” (nephew who is 2 year old and living in another state)
  6. 5 DS games
  7. A new cool tennis racquet
  8. New tennis shoes
  9. Jordans
  10. Beanies, because I cut off my Mohawk and my head gets cold
  11. Pokemon sun
  12. A new puppy
  13. I know we are going to grandma’s but can we fly too Atlanta to hangout Auntie
  14. Cool headphones
  15. X-BOX
  16. Board game so I have new ones to play with my friends
  17. Skylanders
  18. Skylanders video game

By the way my son still believes there is Santa Claus… Which is quite interesting! On the other hand, let me know your thought of this nuts of a Christmas list…



  1. Samaria
    December 15, 2016 / 11:21 am

    Awwwww!!! How adorable 😩🤗😊 Unfortunately I can not give him Jmax, but I can give him one of the things in the Xmas list ❤️️❤️️😩 That was so cute that he thought of things that a normal kid wouldn’t think of 😂 Love you guys! 😘😘😘

    • _Samelia
      December 19, 2016 / 9:09 pm

      He is truly special girly! You will find the when you set a bar you can’t lower it. So people think he is spoil but, you can never spoil a kid enough with family!

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