Atlin Halloween Parade

Atlin Halloween Parade

November is here Worldlers!

Yours truly had to share with you my experience yesterday. So much fun!

First I started at Atlin’s Halloween parade at his school, it was so adorable you guys! Every year the have this event and it’s a real production. The kids get so psyched up to pick out or create costumes for this event. My son and I wait until the last minute for his costume, because they go on sale. HA! Also yours truly is waiting for the day he will allow me to do FX makeup on him.

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A moment coming soon hopefully… As I am professional makeup artist and costumes get old are some point. :}

But he was super excited for yesterday…  All of the children we’re so proud and happy walking around the school track showing off their creativity. Just makes you feel good as a parent to watch.

Crazy how you can feel the characters energy brought to life when they get all dressed up. So beautiful! Even this storm cloud lol! halloween costumes