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You may be wondering, “Why do moms have an essential back to school list?”, as it is usually for the kids. Well, yours truly suggest you get it together because the kiddos are not the only thing you should be shopping for this school year.

Back to school should be for you and the kids! Do not forget that YOU are the one walking your child through those school “halls of fame.”

It is funny how we can roll out of bed looking nuts every week, “Except” the first week of your child’s school year HA! As if you are the one going back to school…

Yes… Yours truly said it!

May sound shallow &/or vain, but WELCOME TO SAMELIA’s WORLD! Where if you look good you feel good. Some of you can relate to seeing those staring eyes of parents thinking, “Wow… Atlin’s mom looks great this year.”

Or “Damn she picked up some weight over the summer.”

Let us not forget about the first-year moms that always get the “Who is that” stare.

Shaking my head 🙁

As for you moms that plan on dropping your children off the first week of school, I suggest you get ready if you are not. So, yours truly put together some stylish suggestions for you that are truly essential to me.

Moms Back To School Essentials

To help some of the lost moms out there. If it is your first time stopping by my lovely blog “Hi, I am SAMELIA!”

SAMELIA’s WORLD is here to help you get it together because life is not only about your child! It is about you TOO!

At times, many of us lose ourselves trying to care for our children. Stay at home moms, remember, just because you take care of the home does not me you have to look like it. Yours truly understands completely as I have stayed at home for years! We must find some motivation to get out of the house and get all dolled up. So why not let it start with back to school? Back to school is the beginning of a plethora of events that you should make sure you’re prepared for.

So ladies and gentlemen go get it together and treat yourself as well this back to school.


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