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Last weeks snow storm put a halt to my schedule. As your truly got stuck in Chicago I wasn’t able to make it home… As a mother this can create huge problems and sometimes complete chaos!

That’s right; moms out there know what I’m talking about. As a single mother who’s child or children are the priority, a canceled flight can make life challenging. Let’s go through this… So, the things that go through your mind when the airlines tells you your flight has been canceled do to “WEATHER”…


One usually tries to get another flight but when it is not an option there is so much mom’s have to go through.

Such as:

  1. Call the babysitter or Childcare to inform then you will not be home. This always can be a drag because no one likes to keep other peoples children, ultimately taking them away from their own family or things to do.
  2. Hoping, praying, and having to ask can the babysitter work an extra day…or someone can relieve the babysitter and watch your child.
  3. Being at the mercy of whoever ends up watching your child you will have to pay extra fees.
  4. Not knowing when you are getting home, you kind a have to ask for two days.
  5. Then once you find someone or babysitter except an extra day. You have to inform them of what to get them to eat, schedule for the following days, directions to and from activities. The list can go on and on for that. If you do not normally allow your babysitter or like others driving around your child this can be nerve wrecking.
  6. Then if the person is not on the list to be allowed to pick up your child from school, you have to call the school on an emergency.
  7. Then they are on the thoughts someone else giving your child a bath, or if they are older awkwardness.
  8. Of course the hygiene and beauty factor in my household matters as far as coaming hair etc…
  9. If you also have pets as I do… this can always be a concern.
  10. And last stress, chaos, the meltdowns!

But there is no way to control the situation, but you can always be prepared. Take a look at my YouTube channel to see more of my world



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