Happy Valentine’s Day


Today is Valentine’s Day…  HAPPY Valentine’s Day!!!

 Yours truly just had to once again touch on the subject of love… If this is your first time to reading my blog, I have been posting my thoughts and opinions about Valentine’s Day.

As yours truly is a Pisces, so the word “Love” is a part of my nature. Love is a considered a verb in the dictionary. Which is an action that yours truly believes should be shown everyday, not just Valentine’s Day. One may question, “how can I show love everyday”.

Now, yours truly is not a love doctor for expert in the subject… Feeling that simple love affirmations each day could help better loving each other. Even bettering of one!

Of course when we are in love the feeling of another’s touch can make you feel loved. As well as hugs and kisses to our friends, family and loved ones each day. The use encouraging words is one of my favorites for my son, Atlin. Doing it continuously for him to be able to face the difficult trials and tribulations during his growth as a young man.

Some people give gift to showcase their love. This one yours truly thinks can be a little much sometimes, but everyone likes to be shown love through gifts given. I know I do! Lol

However you show your love make sure that it is every day, not just Valentine’s Day. As yours truly tries to make this a part of my daily lifestyle…



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