Hendrix’s Hart Birthday

Hendrix’s Hart Birthday

Well Worldlers…

This weekend in SAMELIA’s WORLD was eventful!  First, as you all now yours truly is a walking dead follower… I must say, yesterday’s walking dead was action packed again and had me at the edge of my seat as usual… Looking forward to next week! What about you?

On the family side of things, yours truly had a chance to spend time with my son Atlin. As well as, catch up with yours truly’s good friend Torrei Hart!   The weekend started with us jumping around on bouncers,  cotton candy, and lots of fun and games at my sons school festival. The games did not end there, as we attended Torrei and Kevin Hart son Hendrix’s birthday party at “Play it Loud” in Woodland Hills.  hendrix_hart_atlin_owens

Such an awesome place for everyone of all ages to enjoy music, dancing, and of course their incredible game rooms!

Who would not hundreds of games..? I know these two had a ball especially in the virtual department. Yours truly love this place because not only did they have futuristic games, but old school games such as Ms. Pac-Man as well.

We will definitely back. In my big kid voice.. LOL!

On the other hand, it was refreshing to see two incredibly busy parents taking time out for their kids. As it is so rear nowadays and extremely important. A element yours truly feels is a lost skill in parenting  with our new generation. kevin hart, samelia kevin hart, samelia torrei hart, samelia's world kevin hart, hendrix hart, terrell owens, kevin hart terrell owens, terrell owens kids, black celebrity celebrity kids, parentingDefinitely, two of the best examples of how to remain cordial for the children. Making the experience not only for Hendrix special, but for all of us. mike epps, Maddie epps, samelia mike epps, samelia, samelia miller, Matlin owens, mike epps kids, terrell owens kids, black celebrity kids, terrell owens babymamasamelia, samelia miller, samelia's world, samelia hendrix hart, samelia lifestyle blogger, samelia kevin hart son, eniko hart

I do not know who made the cake… It was phenomenal!

Happy birthday Hendrix!

May God bless you with many more...

On another note, yours truly is a little nervous about the election tomorrow…


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