Tuesday Top Labor Day Things To Do!

SAMELIA’s WORLD, yours truly is aware that some of you are overwhelmed after having to get organized for the school year. If you are not I definitely am… If you are like yours truly, then you need a break!

So here are my Tuesday Top Labor Day Things to do…

Sedona, Arizona  Samelia Mom, Samelia Mum, Samelia Moms, Samelia Mums, Samelia Blog, Samelia, Samelia Miller, Samelia’s World, Samelia sedona Arizona, Samelia travel, travel, travel blog, travel lifestyle, Samelia lifestyle, Arizona,  SAMELIA’s WORLD Sedona, Arizona has to be the most beautiful places in the United States of America… It is an incredible site to see! If you watched the movie Desert Fury or the Last Wagon, Sedona played it were these were shot. Found out when I was there that Hollywood productions from the first years of movies into the 1970s were made in this beautiful place. The red-rock canyons and forest are breath taking. Samelia travel, Samelia travel blog, Samelia travel lifestyle, travel, Samelia lifestyle, Samelia Blog, sendona, Arizona, Samelia, Samelia Miller, Samelia’s World, Even though back to school has started etc… some of us all ready are in need of a break from the stress. If so, SAMELIA’s WORLD this is the place to be this weekend. They have the most amazing spas, trails, hikes and great spiritual places to relax, and just think. It is kid friendly and the funny enough, I notice when I went my son was extremely tranquil. Yes… he was in aww as well. They have several great pools, tennis courts (go figure), and play areas fit for the kiddos.  The cost of the Enchantment Resort and Spa hotel  was pricey, there are several other reasonably priced places in the area to stay.

Gorman, California

If you are in the California area, yours truly suggests you stop by Peace Valley Park, a historical travel destination.  To all my nature lovers this is a place to go especially with children! Camping, hiking, ATV’s, and off-roading are some of the many activities for you to enjoy.Samelia, Samelia miller, samlelia's world, Samelia's world blog, Samelia miller, Samelia blog, Samelia travel, Samelia Gorman California, Samelia California, Kevin Hart My son and I love to this Valley. This can be an all-day event or you make this a weekend vacation! In Gorman, California, you can have all kinds of interesting adventures to make your trip worthwhile! If you are in the California area, yours truly suggests you stop by Peace Valley Park, a historical travel.




Get Creative 

For those of us that like to have fun in big groups, find out what friends will be in town. Together you can plan events such as beach BBQ’s or just going to the beach kids love this. Also for those of you have spent a grip on back to school the beach is one of the most in expense place to take the kids. Samelia Blog, Samelia, Samelia Miller, Samelia’s World, Miami, Miami Florida, Samelia Miami, Samelia Miami Beach,  That you can also relax. Try scheduling playdates, and sleepovers for the kids.  If you are a workaholic, like myself, it’s a good time to catch up on movies! Look to see if there are any local festivals or events. Going to hang out in your area is always fun with friends so check to see if there are festivals or events going on!



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