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Well, well, well! Here it is, once again. The time of year where we focus on celebrating LOVE! It is Valentines week and yours truly finds this week quite interesting.

It is exactly seven days before the 14th of February!

These days, people aren’t finding love in ordinary (or shall we say, traditional) ways. You are probably wondering, “SAMELIA, WHERE are you going with this one?”

Well, I’ll tell you. It is rather interesting to me that the common ways people find love (going out, through mutual friends, at school, etc.) are not as common as they used to be. Nowadays, people turn to dating sites, speed dating, national television/reality TV, etc. I have to ask, does ANYONE still find their significant other in places like church, temple, etc.?

To complicate matters even further, how and when do single parents find love if it’s hard enough for those without children to find a match that works? You can be as smart as Einstein, have your hair, makeup and wardrobe done everyday, and it isn’t until you take that one day off from getting dolled up and putting yourself together that your “Prince Charming to be” comes around asking you on a date!

I’m not saying we should all go around looking like a bum (LOL) but maybe, just maybe people should stop looking so hard!

Ok – let me not sound so disgruntled with the whole process – I’m sure there are plenty of success stories to be told from those who found love the – shall we say – old school/traditional way, and those who found their match in the new ways of the digital world.

It’s all good, people, IT IS ALL GOOD!

SO, anybody have any good “I met my (boyfriend/husband, girlfriend/wife, etc…) online” stories for yours truly?



  1. February 9, 2017 / 7:17 pm

    I got a lot of interesting stories from online dating but no success just yet lol

    • _Samelia
      February 11, 2017 / 11:32 am

      Really girly… It’s hit or miss with it. I would love to here some of your stories lol! Yours truly believes they are interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

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