Travel Essentials

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Yours truly is excited… Who would not be excited to as the Summer travel season begins? Time for the kids to get out of school, go to BBQ’s, the beach and vacation. Worldlers I love the Summer… As it is soo much fun! But you have to make sure you have the essentials…

Now, for everyone travel essentials may be totally different. The idea essentials for me, starts with my Nikon camera to capture special moments, beautiful scenery, friend and family. Then of course you need the ID and yours truly likes using my passports because it is universal.  This Samsung galaxy is for keeping touch with my world and whoever decides to call me on my journey… Lol! This beautiful ascinating dune mini paperblanks journal to write my thoughts, funny who know one writes in journals they just gadgets. The Gucci aviators because I cool ( as my son says) Ha!

Too funny… more like stylish!

Pretty simple, but so important!


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