Memorial Day Style

Happy Memorial Day SAMELIA’s WORLD!

Hoping everyone is having a spectacular holiday weekend? As this weekend typically set the tone for the Summer season ahead in SAMELIA’s WORLD. So as we clean out our closets, home, etc… Yours truly would like you to get ready for the best part of the year.

“Memorial Day Weekend”…

As Memorial Day is special for me, it is a positive remembrance of those who fought for our country and gave us the opportunities we have.

Are you ready to celebrate? Yours truly could not resist showcase my favorite patriotic look for this Memorial Day.

What do you think?

Memorial Day Style | SAMELIA STYLE

Now you might be a little thrown off. But, with end of the year school functions for my son. My lovely makeup hobby getting young girls ready for their Proms, preparing to go on vacation… Producing content for my youtube channel. I took a brake for my creative outlet to run around like a chicken, HA!

Back blogging by popular demand.. Happy that it is time for the summer so stay tune as I will be post on my blogs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday!



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