Ruby Ribbon Holiday Shapewear

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Hey Worldlers!

Yours truly must say during the Thanksgiving holiday I ate a bit too much! I don’t know how much I’ve gained in weight… Believe me, mama is thick then a mug LOL!

But in SAMELIA’s WORLD, you cannot let a little weight problem get you down. As I truly know about that life ladies and gentlemen… The weight thing can push the self esteem below zero at times. Putting us on a crash diets, fasting, and some people even starving themselves to get back into the skinny jeans. Killing our mental state! Especially, with Hanukkah and the Christmas holidays right around the corner.

My lovely “WORLDLERS,” I am here to help you… Now you maybe wondering”SAMELIA, are you going another diet?”


Yours truly has a little secret weapon…  Okay, you are going to think you are ready know about this “SHAPEWEAR”!

HAHAHA!!! Yes, yours truly is laughing because it does “sound” funny. Unfortunately, yours truly is serious. Most of us including myself may feel that shape where is the big girls “OR” fat people! Not at all…

Did you know there is a clothing line dedicated for shapeware?


Have you heard of it?  I’m obsessed, okay! Yours truly wears “shapeware” when this body, or shall yours truly say the “BOOTY” gets out of shape! Now you might think I’m kidding… I do not play around when it comes to looking good, as it makes me feel good… And you should too. That is why I’m sharing the secret with you.

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You listening now… These Faux stretch suedette leggings are “Hot” right? No one will ever know you are  wearing shape where if you put it together right. Yours truly must thank Gwen Steffani for making these wedges heels… As they went perfect with this cute and casual outfit.  

Looking like somebody’s mama… With this matte “Charred-Red” lipstick from M.A.C cosmetics!  As my “WORLDLERS” I yours truly has and obsession with lipsticks, stains, and lip glosses! 

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Okay, so let me tell you about this top… Now it may looked just like a simple lace camisole. But it is a  sheer sheer support cami underneath. That I don’t have to wear a bra with because it has support built in that is firm.

Definitely firm!

The thing I like about it the most is it has these an invisible grippers at the bottom camisole ride up above your belly. The lace camisole is just covering it.

Now some of you this may look think this looks like a long sweater… It is actually a wrap dress that yours truly threw on due to the transition weather. It is pretty flattering on most body types because do to the amazing fabric that flows with your body… Yours truly is not a not a professional model but hope that this article help some of you trying to find clothing that you can feel comfortable in!

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photo credit: Tisha Lewis

“Feeling myself” in my Beyonce voice LOL!

Have an amazing day SAMELIA’s WORLD!

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Photo credit: Ruby Ribbon







  1. December 6, 2016 / 2:34 pm

    Hey girl! You look great!!! You rockin that outfit and lippie!!

    • _Samelia
      December 6, 2016 / 8:28 pm

      Thank you Lou! Just found this line you have to try it. I literally sucked everything right up haha!

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