Catch Up

Samelia, Samelia Miller, Samelia's world, Samelia's world blog, terrell Owens, Terrell Owens dancing with the stars, samelia terrell, outdoor spaces, celebrity homes, kevin hart wife, backyard SAMELIA’s WORLD time to slow down to speed up for yours truly… That is right the last couple of weeks, have been intense. Not all bad… Unfortunately, with all the natural disasters, having family,  friends, in both Florida and Texas scared for their lives. Traveling coast to coast and threats of bombs coming to the U.S…

“HELLO,” Emotional distress!

Everything is it okay now… Yours truly is up and running! So it’s back to the blogging and I can wait to share! If you all want to see more of SAMELIA’s WORLD you may checkout my youtube channel.

And for those of you who watch college football did you see the FSU game… Yeah, let me know your thoughts


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