Meaning of Roses

The Meaning of Your Valentine Roses

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Yours truly is aware that this is not apart of my normal blogs, but it is the time of the month. That’s right…   We are approaching a countdown do “Valentine Day”.

As expressed in my previous blog these or not normal dating times. “But” in my opinion, the one thing that should never change is… People should take the time everyday to express or show their love for the particular place, special person, or thing. Expressing or showing “Love” everyday through positive affirmations would you alleviate one (man or woman) from the common pressures on “V” day. Feeling that the expectation level on Valentine’s Day would go down society.


Only able to speak for myself, but I cannot date someone who does not show me the love yours truly deserves every other day. Love is something that is taught just like everything thing else in this world, from the time one comes out of their mother womb.

The hugs, words that come out of one’s mouth, kisses and so much more are what matter. If you guys look it up the word “LOVE” is a verb. SOo.. It should be shown through actions and how we treat people each day, including friends, family, and others.

SAMELIA’s WORLD so those of you not sure of what your feelings are for those you care about or are intimate with…

This is for you! A simple “Rose” speaks volumes ladies and gentlemen…

Red – Roses are pretty much the most traditional. In my opinion it similar to red lipstick, sexy, bold and a classic way to say, “I love you”. In a bouquet it just like movies… The best for passion and romance!

Pink – Roses are cute and elegant. A soft or more gentle way to convey that one appreciates and cares deeply another. Pink to yours truly can also mean admiration for the person who receives them.

Yellow – Roses give off the feeling of exactly what they symbolize, bright and happy vibes. Normally given to friends and those for cheering up! It would be nice to hear your opinion as I feel this rose can be used all across the board. What do you think?


Orange – Roses for those wanting to express there romance or passion and a unique way. That is not as common or traditional as the other roses. In my opinion, it may be given during any season, reason, or occasion. Maybe we should call it the “Neutral”.

Lavender/ Purple – Roses to me are the most rare. One who goes through great lengths to give this unique flower can make a heart flutter. In my opinion, this flower symbolizes the art of love making it sometimes truly magical!

White– Roses are so pure and beautiful. These wonderful flowers are so peaceful and powerful at the same time. So powerful that they are used to symbolize beginnings and endings… Honoring most and enchanting others at times.

So before you choose… Truly think about it!




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