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HeLLo my lovely world…

_SAMELIA here!

Most of you probably are wondering… “SAMELIA’s WORLD is back, where did you go?”

For those of you who were unaware or new to my blog site… SAMELIA’s WORLD BLOG site had many issues that yours truly had to get fixed. Ultimately, forcing me to having to take down the website for a few months. As there are some extremely malicious people out there guys.

Originally SAMELIA’s WORLD site was about the Progression my career, where you could find out everything you want – my latest behind the scenes updates, beauty news and insight into the celebrity make up world.

Now, those of you keeping up… Who have been waiting patiently, and continuously asking yours truly on a pretty consistent basis  “Are you ok, what’s going on with you in your life? How is your son and of course, What’s up in your beauty world?”

Well, you know me, and I will always let you know! Now, I’m just going to do it in a manner where everyone has access to it all in one place and we can talk about it… ONLINE!

You guessed it, it’s time and it’s here!

Welcome to my blog – “SAMELIA WORLD”  where you can find out everything you want – my latest self-esteem speaking engagements, product reviews, beauty news and insight into my lifestyle, being a mom, and much, much more…

 Hoping that each post empowers you all… As my experiences have exposed me to so much and I cannot wait to share. 

Yours truly is excited… Stay tune to for the SAMELIA’s WORLD BLOG celebration!

Coming soon…


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