Brotherly Love

Yours truly must give a special shout to my brother. This photo brings back so many memories on this “Throwback” Thursday. This photo is of us having a jam session. As he taught me so much about great music, electronics, and hip-hop culture. Yours truly thought I was “Planet Rock”.

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The time I was a ballerina. He you made me understand that I must be versatile, able to do all types of dance, including breakdance! Pop, lock, and that small boombox my parents bought him… The battles in our garage, would last all night long.

It’s funny how are siblings teach us things indirectly. Six years apart, yours truly thought he was a master. As normal, we had our ups and downs managing to work them out.

I love you big brother and I hope your birthday was special. As we are all blessed to see another year.


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