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It’s a good morning on this Veterans Day, SAMELIA’s WORLD!

Yours truly must thank the man upstairs for the love I receive everyday literally. I went to Alfred’s coffee in kitchen for my regular vanilla latte… And they showed me so much love today!

Now I do not know about you..? But I’m a sucker for love, as this heart made my day. Making my latte that much better… 🙂  Which leads to yours truly to what this blog post it is about… Wonderful service

At this time, your truly would like to thank the U.S military “Veterans” on this celebration day for the service they provide to our U.S.A. We are all so blessed to have them. For those who get this day confused with Memorial Day…  Veterans Day is the celebration of the service, Memorial Day is for those who died providing the in the military service.

So we should all be thankful today for those who volunteer or go willingly to the military to help protect our country.

Definitely the stuff I love


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