Happy Monday SAMELIA’s WORLD
Yours Truly finds it quite interesting when people ask me about or are curious about my personal style. I am often told “Samelia, I love your shoes and that purse” and  “I Love those pants, where did you get them?”
Now yours truly is not saying that I’m some serious fashionista or anything like that but, I do have good fashion sense. Your truly does believe that style is very personal. Especially when it comes to home décor and fashion. It’s all about your energy and creativity. If you look good you feel good and the same thing applies to the place you call home.
Spring Style | SAMELIA STYLE


 Yours Truly thinks that everyone should be in a great space so, I would like to introduce you to SAMELIA STYLE! A section of my blog that will give you a peek into my personal style, celebrity styles yours truly admires, fashion styles I love, and home décor that I find intriguing. So make sure you look out for SAMELIA STYLE in my upcoming blogs.