Tuesday Top 6 Holiday Beauty Buys

samelia_rouge_dior_dolce_vita_fotor-2Okay Worldlers…

“What RED blush, nail, or lip colors should is best for this holiday season?”

Seems like it is a question on this Tuesday… While yours truly’s friends, family, and client prepare for their holiday events.  Well in short, there is not one “Best” per se! As blushes, nail polish, and lip colors very to ones skin tone and taste. All beauty products are different just as the brands selling them.

Yours truly is about the quality and convenience during the holiday. Now you may say, “Convenience, SAMELIA what do you mean by this?”

During the holiday season, convenience means multipurpose. Yours truly likes beauty products such as this Stila Convertible Color in “Poppy,” that can be used as a lipstick and blush. This two-in-one convertible also adds a little moisture to the skin being it is a cream, which can be amazing during the cold. Now this next red color cream that is similar to the Stila but, is by Make up forever and a must for makeup artist. It is called a “Flash Color Pot” and is usually use for special FX makeup (such as wounds etc.). I love it because it can be used for lipstick, a base for lip stains underneath your favorite clear gloss, on the cheeks, as a eyeshadow and much much more…


“Why are these two lip liners at the top of the list,” you may ask?

Well they are not waterproof, but they are long lasting! This M.A.C cosmetics lip liner in “Brick” and “Brown Red by Make Up forever

Okay so yours truly has been a fan of Dior’s lipstick before Bella Hogan made the fabulous line more popular. As they have variety of vibrant coral reds, romantic, and matte shades in which I love! The one you see in the picture above is Rouge Dior in Dolce Vita. Yours truly knows it is in a lipstick tub… But many times I have applied just a hint of the color on the cheeks as a blush to keep the same red hue. Rouge Dior is high and pigment, I suggest you put it on the back of the hand, and then apply it to the cheeks for the best results.

Of course your truly is putting ella + mila nail polish call “Naughty Not Nice” on Tuesday’s top during the holiday season, as the words speak for themself.