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The weather everywhere is nuts!

Yours truly has a newfound respect for flight attendants! How do they keep their skin in reasonable shape? Does anyone know? We would need to ask an actual flight attendant how he or she maintains the largest organ in the human body the “epidermis” of course… Because it seems I am flying so frequently that the airlines should pay “Yours Truly” to fly.


Last week traveling to four different states in one week, how insane is that? Which brings yours truly to my “POINT”…

How does one decide what to bring in order to maintain flawless skin?

Hmmm…  As we all know toiletries are the last things allowed on a flight (depending on the size)!

Has anyone ever thought about how the pressurized environment takes moisture out of you skin, accelerating dehydration of the face and body? Cracking lips and making hands super dry!

After the wear and tear of traveling I MUST RECOMMEND “MOISTURIZER”, to stay at the #1 spot on the travel chart!

If you are unsure of what moisturizers you should use… You may want to try some of these brands:

Embryolisse– The Lait-Crème Concentre 1.0 oz. bottle is great for travel as it may be use as a primer, moisturizer, and makeup remover. Yours truly suggest this cream for men and women looking for something that is going to keep their skin hydrated. It is not sold as a body cream but can be use on your body.

samelia, samelia miller, Samelia's world, last creme concentre, embryolisse, samelia embryolisse
photo credit: embryolisse

Cosmedix- Rescue + Intense Hydrating Balm which helps extremely dry, cracked, or chapped skin. I love this product because it all ready comes in a 1.7oz bottle, all ready for travel.

samelia, samelia miller, samelia's world, samelia cosmedix, cosmedix, skincare, tips
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These are just two of your truly’s top favorite moisturizers for travel.

Well, I need to prepare for this next journey… Stay tuned!

If you would like to know what’s in my travel beauty bag click the link



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