As a “Celebrity Makeup Artist & Licensed Esthetician,” I see celebrities and people with self-esteem issues everyday do to skin issues.  Not only does yours truly help Hollywood “Stars” working my makeup magic… Also, extending my esthetic services to those who genuinely need help with confidence, self-esteem and skincare problems.

Facials, Peels & Skincare Treatments facial_spa

Signature Facial-  Great choice for a classic facial with extractions. It is the most popular of my skin to rejuvenating facials.  Customized mask for your skin type to tighten, deep cleanse pores and exfoliate your skin for a healthy and more youthful glow. *Samelia suggests males not to shave before facials as it make the skin more sensitive 

SAMELIA’s Custom Facial- Everyone’s skin is unique and must be treated accordingly. The custom is ideal for the client who knows they need more than a facial. Customized for your skin to treat: Acne, fine lines and wrinkles, tightening & firming, or pigmentation issues. Some downtime maybe necessary. Series Available

Teen facial- (*Ages 12-17 only) Teen facial is designed especially for youth, with breakouts and irritated skin. Deep cleanses pores, calms acne, and balances out skin. Series Available

Acne facial – Acne treatments designed for problem skin, that can help unplug, brighten, and even your skins complexion. It helps improve skins clarity, fights to get rid bacteria,  reduces blemishes and calms skin irritation. Series Available

Men’s FacialComplete therapy facial for men.  With deep cleansing and exfoliation to target any breakouts, blackheads and ingrown hairs. Custom blended mask to soothe, balance and tone the skin. All this, plus a relaxing massage of the face, arms,hands, and Décolletage.*Samelia suggests males not to shave before facials as it make the skin more sensitive

Ingrown Hair Facial Do you have unwanted facial hair bumps, dead skin clogging your pores, ingrown and you do not want laser? Are you embarrassed when you go in public? This facial is great for exfoliating and extracting stubborn ingrown hair. Customized collagen or tightening mask, along with deep cleansing pores. (series available) *Samelia suggests males not to shave before facials as it make the skin more sensitive

Microdermabrasion-  Deep pore cleanse and resurface your skin for a healthy and more youthful glow. Using a vacuuming the treatment helps clear away dead skin, wrinkles, scars, acne, pores size, dirt along with uneven pigmentation. Series available

Express Facial- The express is a quick rejuvenating facial for both men and women on the go. Suitable for all skin types, this treatment is designed to help nourish skin. There are no extractions with this facial so its perfect for those who are going back to work, catch a flight or right before a special occasion. * Other Seasonal facials (such as: Pumpkin, 24 karat gold, Seaweed) available as well email for more information ADD – ONS

  • Mask- Tighting, Brigtening, Collagen, Gold, Sea Weed mask available
  • LED Light Therapy – Machine treatment for cell energy. Boost collagen and elastin. Evens tone of the skin.
  • Extractions – session for clearing congestion of the pores leaving skin clear and smooth. 
  • Dermaplane – The physical removal of Vellus hair and excess dead skin cells. 
  • Chemical Peel- Exfoliation of the skin varies for every skin type and condition. 
  • Microdermabrasion – Using a vacuuming the treatment helps clear away dead skin, wrinkles, scars, acne, pores size, dirt along with uneven pigmentation.
  • Ingrown Hair Removal- extracting stubborn ingrown hair


Exfoliation of the skin varies for every skin type and condition. If you have ever had a peel you know how effective it is against correcting many skin issues such as:

  • samelia_acne_treatments_facialfine lines
  • acne scaring
  • pigmentation
  • dark spots
  • melasma
  • acne
  • large pores
  • lax skin and more…


A consultation is required for all first time clients requesting chemical peels and other exfoliation skincare treatments. “I”, am a living testimonial for those with acne; having to correct my own skin after pregnancy with my son (dealing with adult acne, hormones, stress, etc…). Yours truly can relate to those challenged with acne and skincare issues. Blessed to be a successful beauty professional with over 15 years of experience. Having the knowledge to show other how to cover skin issues up with “makeup”, as well as give corrective skincare treatments for: acne, acne scarring pigmentation, and so much more… To achieve beautiful, healthy and glowing skin! 


For professional makeup & men’s grooming inquiries for music video, commercials, and production contact my Jamie Haynes: 

Makeup Certificate Training

All classes are PRIVATE!

Get the one-on-one attention you deserve to embark on a new career.  SAMELIA is committed to making you a successful makeup artist!

Certification Training Course is a one day class held wherever SAMELIA’s is in her WORLD. The classes are private and held in extremely small groups. You will learn everything you need about the makeup business such as putting together your resume, portfolio, TV, film, video production etc.  Along with makeup application and becoming a highly skilled Certified Makeup Artist.  Artist receive a beginners complete makeup kit with all the products you need to get started.  The classes are normally 6-8 hours. Prices vary based on type of class. Artist may also have the possibility to assist SAMELIA on a real production set for experience. There is a non refundable deposit required to book classes and training sessions. Balance is due 24 hours prior to session. No refunds. No exceptions. Non-transferable. Cost can only be used for classes or training, not other services. Fill in the contact box below if you are interested in classes or training.



  • Upper Lip,Chin, Nose, Sideburns, ears
  • Brow Clean up/Shapingwax
  • Brow Maintenance
  • Full face
  • Underarm
  • Half arm
  • Full arm (including hand)
  • Stomach, Shoulders
  • Men Chest
  • Exterior Buttocks
  • Anal
  • Bikini
  • Brazilian
  • Custom Bikini/Brazilian
  • Manzilian/Playboy
  • Half Leg
  • Full Leg
  • Upper back
  • Full Back
  • Full Body


All clients are by appointment only. 

*To request an appointment, production booking, certification training class, find out about makeup assisting, product reviews or want to just leave me a message. Fill in the information below. 

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