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A creative outlet to express opinions as a single parent, musings from my person life, highlights from the progression of my makeup career and a view of the stuff I love. Striving to empower and inspire others all over the world! 



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Hello world!   Yours truly here… Hoping you all had a wonderful weekend? Always somethin

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The Walking Dead | SAMELIA's WORLD

Hey Worldler's!  Ok... So "Yours truly" is a Walking Dead Fanatic for those of you who did not

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Back to School Savings

SAMELIA's WORLD is backKK!!!  Hey there my lovely "Worldlers"! Well, it is back to school for m

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Monday, 19 September 2016
Hey there my lovely Worldler's, It is going to be a busy week and your's truly is excited! I would like to have you all join me, as SAMELIA's WORLD and The Awesome Muse blog celebrate our launch Sunday, September 25th from 1pm-4pm in Studio City.   Enjoy an afternoon with top blog influencers, friends, cocktails, raffles and gifts found out where when you click the link  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/launch-party-tickets-27531818410    Make sure you are subscribed to my blog to be able to win prizes at the party!

Thursday's Top Favorite Fall Cleansers

Thursday, 15 September 2016
Hey SAMELIA's WORLD, As the Fall changes begins... It seems like your skin care always does as well! Yours truly has been asked at least 10 times this week alone, "Cleanser should I use"? Of course I had to blog about it my lovely "Worldler's".  *WINK* There are so many cleansers for all different skin types, along with the conditions for use of them.  So, your truly put together my top favorite fall cleansers.  First, I do not suggest using soap as it normally leaves a film on the skin causing dryness, along with other ailments. Some ask, "Do I have to use the cleanser at all"?  

Healthy Shakes| Green Machine Recipe

Wednesday, 14 September 2016
Hey Worldler's As you all know yours truly is always trying to keep her weight under control. I found this delicious health green smoothie recipe on "Not Skinny Not Rich," that I just had to share with you this morning.  As it is such a refreshing low calorie beverage to make for breakfast before my workout! 


Monday, 12 September 2016
FOUNDATIONS As we leave summer behind and move into the fall, yours truly has been asked several times lately, "Which foundation is best for women of color?" And... "What makeup or cosmetic line has the best foundation for us?" Well everyone, I wish there was "ONE" line of products strictly for women of color but there isn't. There are many lines you probably would have never imagined would work for women of color. The best makeup foundation is the one that matches your skin tone and unfortunately we do not all have the same skin tone. As a professional makeup artist, I have yet to see a person who has a completely even skin tone, which means in some cases you may need two colors to make the perfect match for your skin. 


Friday, 09 September 2016
 ... we are the masters of our fate , the captains of our souls, because we have the power to control our thoughts. _ Napoleon Hill "Release" and have an amazing weekend my lovely Worldler's!

Eyelashes | SAMELIA's WORLD

Thursday, 08 September 2016
SAMELIA's WORLD Yours truly is thankful for the family and friends... But,  in the beauty world I am always grateful for the creation of "Lashes"!!!  Now you may be thinking, "SAMELIA where are you going with this? You do not even wear lashes". You might be surprised how many times I have had on lashes and no one ever knew! It's how you wear the lashes in my world. Not everyone likes, or where lashes for their bold effects... When I put them on you can't tell me anything! Each lash style gives a different feeling when you put them on the eyes, something make you feel sexy, at times one may want their eyes to look bigger and others just want to look like they have hair on their eyes. My eyelash style varies do to the engagement, time of season (christmas holidays etc...), and when yours truly wants to do something different!  As everyone has something to boost their confidence and it is just one of my top favorites!  There are so many different kinds now, along with an array of different brands. There's natural, dramatic, long, short you name it last brands have... 

Healthy Breakfast | Skincare

Wednesday, 07 September 2016
  SAMELIA's WORLD, it was Toast Bakery Cafe for "yours truly" this Wednesday… After dropping the kiddo off to school I felt the need for a simple and healthy breakfast! Bagel with sausage, eggs, and a little fruit... Whether as a sandwich or a la carte, it is my favorite! "Diet" is not just important for your body, but for your skin’s health as well. Your body cannot produce healthy skin without the proper nutrients. Did you know that skin disorders, fatigue, stress, depression, and "some" diseases are the consequence of a badly balance diet? Now you may be thinking... "SAMELIA,  you are not a dermatologist, dietitian,  or a nutritionist. So, where are you going with this one"? 

Happy Labor Day Weekend | SAMELIA's WORLD

Monday, 05 September 2016
Hey Worldler's Yes... that is "Atlin", my son doing yard work! Some call it gardening but, cutting the shrubs it definitely "yard work"! Funny how this is a rare picture to most of us, as it is not common anymore. Most of us have yard man, gardeners, lawn services etc. Yours truly remembers it being mandatory to help my father with the yard... Whether it was pulling up weeds, raking the leaves, and the list could go on and on. Believe me... I knew what type of work was not for me! 

Labor Day Weekend Kickoff | SAMELIA's WORLD

Friday, 02 September 2016
  HELLO EVERYONE IT'S FRIDAY!   Mr. Lizzard was too funny when passing his home on our hiking adventure.  So yours truly had to share it with you on this Friday.  As we go into this Labor Day weekend, I would like to remind those of you who are workaholics to "TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF"...  As it is a weekend to honor American "Worker". HAVE A SAFE WEEKEND!

Back To School Video | SAMELIA's WORLD

Thursday, 01 September 2016
 SAMELIA's WORLD, Atlin is truly growing up! This photo above is one of my favorite throwbacks. Memories like this make you want another one... Ok, that may be a little over board at this time LOL! Anyway, yours truly enjoy's these special moments with my son and sharing with you all. So have a look at Atlin's 1st day of school this year so amazing.  I love being a parent! How do photo memories make you feel with your kids?  Leave a comment letting me know...

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Welcome to SAMELIA.com

A creative outlet to express opinions as a single parent, musings from my person life, highlights from the progression of my makeup career and a view of the stuff I love. Striving to empower and inspire others all over the world! 



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