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Welcome back to another "NEW" Year SAMELIA's WORLD! Ok... You may be thinking "SAMELIA are a little

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Tuesday's 7 Top Favorite Black Owned Beauty Brands

Hey Worldler's  So, I share with you all some of my top favorite nails, holiday gifts for him a

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Kali Hawk Fifty Shades of Black

Hey Worldler's As you all know, your truly has started back on YouTube once again... Showcasing Beau

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Monday,May 2, 2016
Hey Worldler's    Hope you all have been enjoying your Spring? As it has been a busy one for “Yours Truly”! If you do not follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Periscope…  My newest adventures are on youtube. It is so much fun video logging because it is hard to capture moments through photos at times.  Believe me, the cameras should be rolling at all times in Samelia’s World! LOL So, if you have not had a chance to check out my Youtube showcasing Beauty & “My” Lifestyle…  At this time, Yours truly posts twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.   I must say… I have in newfound respect for serious youtubers, as it takes a lot of time, hard work and effort to create content worth watching. Trying to get all of the footage together and edited it's definitely is a process in itself.  Samelia’s World will be back posting here on the blog May 30th. For all the lastest updates etc.. I am aware that there's so many different social media platforms and most of us have difficulty keeping up… So I will be posting some of my videos here on SAMELIA’s WORLD.   Talks to you soon..


Thursday,April 21, 2016
Hey Worldler's  Yours truly had something else up for the blog today.  It is a "SAD" Throwback Thursday".. Yes, the artist formly known as "Prince" has passed away! :( I have soo many amazing memories to his music and words really can explain how I feel.... Just know in my opinion we have lost another great legend who has touch the world.   


Wednesday,April 20, 2016
HEY WORLDLER's If you all are unaware "A LOUD MOUTH" works this Spring season. Vibrant oranges, golds, this magenta yours truly has on along with many more to play with... Spring's lip colors makes one feel so sexy and ready to play!  What do you think?  The lipstick color I have on is by Yves Saint Laurent in "Fuchsia In Excess" such and amazing color...

Tennis Highlights | SAMELIA Mommy Mode

Tuesday,April 19, 2016
SAMELIA’s WORLD   Yours truly  will be posting here on the blog the latest video logs from my newest adventures on"YouTube"!  It is so much fun video logging… I know at times it may be hard to visualize what I'm speaking about in my world through writings and photos at times.   So as I expressed in my blog update yesterday, Samelia’s World is back posting. In addition to blogs on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s yours truly will be sharing some of my VLOGS! :)   As most of you know, my son Atlin is priority. So take I it upon myself to help him fulfill his dreams. At This time, he is so tennis wanting to play be successful. He is constantly reading USTA magazines, newsletters, watching videos, and asking yours truly practice.   Take a look below...

Spring Bikini!

Sunday,March 20, 2016
HEY SAMELIA's WORLD! Spring is back!... And my favorite accessory for fun in the sun, "bikinis"! I just could not resist the temptation of jumping in the pool today in my bikini gifted by Cala Ossidiana. This sexy little number was just the thing I needed to start spring and get me in the mood for this exciting upcoming season. Spring is officially here!!!


Friday,March 18, 2016
  HELLO EVERYONE IT'S FRIDAY!   Mr. Lizzard was to funny when passing his home. So I just had to share it with you on this T.G.I.F. As I move on to my next journey I just want to remind you all to "REMEMBER TO MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF"... HAVE A SAFE WEEKEND!

St Patrick's Day| Green Machine Recipe

Thursday,March 17, 2016
SAMELIA's Green Machine Recipe Hey Worldlers! As you all know yours truly is always trying to keep her weight under control. I found this delicious health green smoothie recipe on "Not Skinny Not Rich," that I just had to share with you this St Patrick's Day. 


Wednesday,March 16, 2016

Tuesday's Top: SPRING TRAVEL BAG 2016

Tuesday,March 15, 2016
Hey Worldlers As the cold weather begins to decrease, the transformation toward Spring begins to speed up. Yahoo! That's right… Spring is on the way SAMELIA's WORLD. Where fresh skin, vibrant colors, travel, bikini bodies and the natural glow from the sun are celebrated.     Less than a week away... Are you ready for SPRING?   Your truly hopes you have your "Spring Travel Bag" together..?  As it will be important, and should be at the top of your purchase list!  Any bag will do. "Hummm" :o… Well not any bag... As bag choices are a preference. This is the season when people become more active... Venturing out, traveling and having fun!  


Monday,March 14, 2016
Yours Truly may be a little obsessed with unique and cool bags this Spring… Just take a look a this Celine one, on the runways of New York Fashion weeks Spring 2016 Ready to Wear. Quite interesting, Right? I looks like a winter down/ bubble jacket... Some may think it's nutz that I like this bag

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