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Great Summer Products!

GREAT SUMMER PRODUCTS Hey guys! Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend..? Definitly  can say y

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Summer Throwback: See My Sexy Mommy's Day At The Pool Video!

Hey guys! What better way than to share a highlight of last summer on this "THROWBACK THURSDAY"!!&nb

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BET has definitely started off an experience… Yours truly had a splendid time at the Girl Fri

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Back to School SALEs

Tuesday,August 25, 2015
August 29th is approaching, and the deals for back to school supplies are almost over! If you are just getting started and have "NO "clue where to begin… You might want to try some these places this week: Walmart  try the savings catcher. If a local competitor has a lower advertised price you get an eGift Card for the difference. Target checkout the percentage they are taking off kids clothing, uniforms & back packs  Academy has some great gear for the kids  

Back to School Supply List

Monday,August 24, 2015
Hey Everyone!   Well, it is back to school... Time to get back to work and blogging for yours truly! Yes... I had to take a minute to myself.   Totally excited to inform you of what is going on in beauty, fashion and of course SAMELIA's WORLD! Right now, yours truly is trying to get Atlin my son, back into the routine of thing... Parents we all can be able to relate to this.

Back To School

Wednesday,August 19, 2015
TBT Throwback to last years back to school as it is coming!


Wednesday,August 19, 2015
Ok.. So my phone has been blowing up about the new "E" show Wives and Girlfriends of professional Sports "WAGS"!  This show definitely made sure the beauty department was on point!  Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson may be just at the girlfriends status in the bunch... But your truly have to congratulate them on their beauty and fashion sense.    The show does have me questioning...  Is someones "Vajayjay" worn out??? LMAO  On the other hand, it's nice seeing girls discuss that there are levels to this $hi+. Or as they say "HIERARCHY"… Starting with wives, fiancé, and girlfriend. Your truly found it interesting on the list of "HIERARCHY", they fail to mention the status of "mothers of their children".   HMM…    Especially since "mothers" are in the  same category "wife & fiancé"! Does anyone else wonder this as well??  

We Are Back!!!

Tuesday,August 18, 2015
Hey My World, Summer has been real single... Lol! Back to "Mommy Mode" with my beastie! Yep.. Atlin my son is backkK! 

Breakfast On The Go

Monday,August 17, 2015
Breakfast On The Go I think it is interesting how much I feel normal again by being on the go… With my little bundle of joy! Not until recently did I realize I was becoming a prisoner to some of my personal life's ultimate battles. Sometimes you have to pinch yourself, breathe exhale the air and LIVE…  AND I AM OFF TO SAMELIA'S WORLD

No Filter

Thursday,August 13, 2015
Good morning!    No filter today… We must be brave everyday to face one another. Are you happy in your own skin..? Remember the face you may look at in the mirror is not always what is viewed by others...   Tuesday Thoughts!

Straight Outta Compton Premiere

Monday,August 10, 2015
Looking forward to seeing F. Gary Gray's Straight Outta Compton.  A film revolving aroun the Compton, California hip hop group N.W.A. Had the chance to work my makeup magic on  one of my good friends Torrei Hart last night for the premiere, and am completely looking forward to it have a look 

Monday Makeup Motivation

Monday,August 10, 2015
Sometimes a photo speaks for its self... I know this sexy makeup completely showcases how yours truly is feeling this morning!   Happy Monday Everyone..

Weekend Recap: Hale Bob at Baby Bea's

Monday,August 3, 2015
Happy Monday SAMELIA's WORLD! Hoping you all had an amazing weekend? Never "basic" by far over here. If did not know... Yours truly is such fan of cupcakes. I think part of the reason for my love of these yummy baked goods are do to Atlin, my little man.  On average, I may have at least four per week... And you wonder why "yours truly", is always watching what she eats... Well, this weekend I had the satisfaction to attend Baby Bea's Cupcake Garden Party... Cupcake heaven!  

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