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BET has definitely started off an experience… Yours truly had a splendid time at the Girl Fri

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SAMELIA's Summer Travel Essentials

It's travel time again!  Have to make sure you have the essential... And for everyone that is t

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Unskilled Worker

He or She calls himself or herself "Unskilledworker". But I'm sure the minute someone sees' the crea

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Toast This Morning

Tuesday,July 28, 2015
Toast for "yours truly"this Tuesday…  Breakfast is one of my favorite meals of the day… Diet is not just important for your body, but for your skin’s health as well. Your body cannot produce healthy skin without the proper nutrients. So, today I began my nutritious day at Toast Bakery Cafe in Los Angeles...

Thank Goodness It's Friday: Time To Tan!

Friday,July 24, 2015
SUN TANNING TIPS HEY EVERYONE, With this heat you know where I'll be this weekend! Will all this talk about self-tanners... It's time to suntan and get my natural glow! Many have been asking,  "How do I get the look of suntan glowing skin this summer without damaging the skin"..?  You are probably thinking…  "SAMELIA you are all ready tan, what do you know about tanning"? LMAO :) There is no doubt the lying in the sun makes you look and feel better! But we all must remember that the sunlight breaks down collagen, elastin fibers and damages the skin cells, so people like yours truly with olive skin have less of a risk for skin damage. Those of you with pale of less olive should totally invest in skin protection…  "SUNSCREEN" is a must! Nothing better then keeping a healthy glow without having to damage your skin by baking in the sun, although I know some of you will go in the sun anyway! There are so many options for tanning now days without setting foot in the sun as I expressed in my previous blogs. Sometimes appearing even better on the skin than regular "SUN TANNING"!

GLAM GLOW: Here's A Tip!

Thursday,July 23, 2015
How to get the look of natural glowing skin HERE'S SOME MAKEUP TIPS:  Well, there isn't one simple answer to creating skin that glows and makes people take notice... But this sexy mommy "Amber Rose" continuously knows how to keep the glamorous glow...  Just look at this throwback look from her BET awards red carpet. Now, there are several things one can do to get the look, but it depends largely on the look you are going after. For both men & women, if you hate wearing or using foundation... A simple highlighter or moisturizer can do the trick, or try mixing a highlighter with a favorite moisturizer. 


Wednesday,July 22, 2015
HIGHLIGHTERS: SO, WHAT EXACTLY DO THEY DO? What do highlighters do? Sometimes they have light-reflecting particles that help add a youthful, healthy glow to your skin. Highlighters help create the easiest path to a youthful or a dewy complexion. 

Celebrity Self Tanners

Monday,July 20, 2015
As yours truly is a huge fan of spray tan and natural-looking self–tanners. Several celebrites like Alicia Keys, Alessandra Ambriosio, Kim Kardashian and many more are always rocking self-tanner spray tans as you can see above. "Everyone" can tan... It is definitely not just for one race or culture. There are many reasons people use this method of tanning...

Great Summer Products!

Sunday,July 19, 2015
GREAT SUMMER PRODUCTS Hey guys! Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend..? Definitly  can say yours truy was thrown off by the rain this weekend. Talk about global warming...   On another note, a lot of people have been asking me to share a few the summer beauty products I love.  This Glosser by color edge I really like that it’s "NOT" greasy like most and can be used on all hair types.  Give the hair an amazing shine.  Tarte cosmetics Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer is still one of my favorites. With the summer heat on... Definitely essential and you do not have to worry about it melting off. "Peach Side Babe", LOL!


Thursday,July 16, 2015
Happy Friday Everyone! Not sure if you have seen it but, BALMAIN new adversting champaign for Fall is on FIRE!!!! Creative directoion by Pascal Dangin was completely genuis with this "POWER SISTER's" Creation. Congrats to models Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Ericka Smalls, and Bella Hadid! The entire team did such a lovely job with this by you all know I have to shout out  Aaronde May on the sexy smokey eyes here... Thank Goodness It's Friday! 

Throwback Thursday: Celebrity Hairstyles

Wednesday,July 15, 2015
Do you remember these looks? Now these are beautiful throwbacks... Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Ludacris, and Allen Iverson were at one point in my opinion... Just a few rocking the sexy braids as their signature look that the world wanted to try at one point. Have you ever tried them?  If so, leave a comment or even show me your throwback…

Cornrows Are Back

Wednesday,July 15, 2015
CORNROWS ARE BACK!!!  Yours truly has been trying to figure out the next hairstyle... After all the votes on my Instagram I had to go with the sexy corn rows/braids. So of course I had to call up one of the best braiders in town celebrity hairstylist friend "Aliky", (a.k.a @aliikyw). I'm "FEELING MYSELF" this Woman crush Wednesday in this sexy hot look! Yours truly was hesitant at first, as I do cornrows almost every summer... And, not everyone can wear them. But, I love how it brings out my face, jaw line and helps instantly give your face a lift!LOL. It not only is a sexy hairstyle... But it is also great when working out in the summer heat, and just a low maintenance hair do. Take a look at some of these braid stylist has done SAMELIA, Travis Scott, Miley Cyrus Braids    

Makeup for the heat!!!

Monday,July 13, 2015
The heat is definitely on! It's funny, but I keep getting asked, "What style of makeup should I wear in the heat?" Well, I can relate to both East and West Coast. As, you all know yours truly is from Miami, FL where humidity, heat and rain at times can be unbearable, to LA, where you have the dessert, dry and sunny California environment.  There's one key to makeup in the heat: WATERPROOF!  Makeup that is water resistant will help you be able to create looks during these high summer temperatures. No smudges throughout the day whether you are on the beach or in the hot muggy city. Depending on the humidity in your city... Try choosing products oil-free, using powder or tinted moisturizers, and this will let your skin perspire naturally. Yours truly uses this lightweight NARS All Day Luminous Powder Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 24.

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