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Monday Motivation | Vision

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“You have to be very clear what you want in order to succeed”

_Hazelle Goodman

SAMELIA’s WORLD each morning I pray, meditate or whatever you all wish to call it. An one of the things yours truly has learn is that clarity and having a vision of what you want in life is so important. This quote by Hazelle Goodman helped motivate me along my journey and yours truly wanted to share with you.

In business, relationships with friends and family you most be able to express yourself clearly in order to execute the things you are trying to achieve. As thoughts are just thoughts… If you key them in your head, how does that help you?

 Have an amazing week SAMELIA’s WORLD and don’t miss tomorrow new video on my youtube


Summer Travel Essentials

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Yours truly is excited… Who would not be excited!  As the Summer travel season begins… It is time for the kids to get out of school, go to BBQ’s, the beach and vacation. SAMELIA’s WORLD I love the Summer…  As it is soo much fun!

But one must not forget his or her essentials…

Now, for everyone travel essentials may be totally different. The ideal essentials for yours truly, starts with my Nikon camera to capture special moments, beautiful scenery, friends and family. Then of course you need the ID and yours truly likes using my passports because it is universal. A licenses is fine passports are a preference. This Samsung galaxy may be old, but it is definitely has been well kept LOL! So with the right apps such as, “WHATs APP” this little phone keeps me in touch with my world. An to yours truly it is not the type of phone you have it’s the apps. So before you leave make  sure you are connected.

For those of you who still write or jot down your thoughts. This beautiful  dune mini paperblanks journal is what I will be writing my thoughts in. I love the textured design on it and the fact that it is pocket size. An the Gucci aviators are just my guilty stylish sunglasses fetish 🙂

Plus, my son told me that he love when I where them…

The are my Summer travel essentials…  Pretty simple, but so important!

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Summer Beauty Essentials

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Not only is May time to prepare my body before summer gatherings, events with family and friends etc… It is also about transitioning our beauty products for the summer season. As the weather temperatures started to rise and the rain begins. Yours truly loves in the summer to keep things sexy simple, with a little glow!

Starting with the Ardell Natural 120 DEMI lashes, by themselves with a neutral eye shadow or pressed powder is sometimes all a girl needs to complete her look. 120 DEMI lashes are approximately $4 to $5 at any beauty supply… Giving you all the high-end glamorous look without expensive price!

Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is water proof, working amazing in rain and humidity. This seasons transition it’s essential, because the weather is constantly changing each day. This liner is a little pricey but worth it! You can found it in Sephora, Macy’s, Naimies and more…

The new Radiant Creamy Concealer by NARS cosmetics  is crease proof, LOL! For those of you like myself aging but do not want to show it under your eyes… This is the concealer for you! I love it because it decreases the look of fine lines.  View Post


Travel Size Beauty Products

Travel Size Beauty Products


As you all know yours truly is constantly on the go taking trips for my favorite “hobby” makeup, friends and family functions. All that traveling comes with an occasional hiccup or “learning experience” as I prefer to call it 🙂

Believe me, yours truly has definitely experienced the “oh my gosh my lotion exploded” moment. So today, I’m sharing with you tips to keep your Memorial Weekend traveling with the beauty products simple.

SAMELIA’s WORLD, when you are thinking about what makeup to bring consider products that multitask and are NOT liquid.  Yours truly understands that we are now about to kick off summer, so liquids are still necessary but creams and dry products are less risky and can work just as well.  samelia, samelia miller, samelia's world, samelia's world blog, smashbox, samelia Anastasia, Anastasia Beverly Hills, samelia Anastasia Beverly Hills

Also yours truly suggest you all pick an eyeshadow pallet like “The Nudes” Maybelline New York one pallet below that is versatile to give you a couple different looks. Instead of packing a ton of different pallets. View Post


Summer Activewear

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Now, about to this workout thing… HA!

Some people think that just because you’re working out, it is your opportunity to “look crazy” while you’re in the quest to put it all back together.

Hmmm… (as my first finger goes up and wags the disapproving “no-no,” my lips twist to the side and head is down and shaking side to side).

Umm, that would be “NO!”


First of all, you are already faced with the problem of having to get started… With the disappointing thought you gotta lose weight, so do not compound it with not liking how you look while you are doing it.

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