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Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend. Yours truly would like to congratulate Odell Haggins on another Florida State football win. He is the interim head coach at this time and when I was in school there, he is a former player and was an assistant at that time. An yours truly must tell you that if anyone can lead the Seminoles of Florida State it is definitely this guy!

YAHoo!!!  Stay Tuned. 

For those of you new to SAMELIA’s WORLD or are unaware yours truly is an alumni of FSU.

Anyway, on to the blog…

Let me tell you yours truly likes to eat. If I can help some of you out there to get in “Hot MAMA” shape… 

Let’s go! That’s right SAMELIA’s WORLD if you missed last weeks post yours truly is one week in! After eating Atlin’s SUPER yummy food from his birthday and munching on his Halloween candy (funny how that happens!), I am on it!

Yours truly had to share this meal with you all while I am on this pre Thanksgiving diet journey. It may look too healthy for some of you but, this egg white omelette with mushrooms, spinach, and turkey bacon is so yummy. No cheese, either to tie it all together. An for those of you thinking about your skin health or watching the amount animal products you eat… In this case, cheese would have taken this over the top! 

It is also, probably one of the simplest things you can try to make at home. So who says “all the good foods are fating?”

As breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How cliché Ha! Setting the tone for the rest of the day. It is like putting the keys into the ignition of your car an starting it! So SAMELIA’s WORLD, make sure you have the proper oil and fuel for yourself.

Have an amazing day! EAT WELL SAMELIA’s WORLD!






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