Hello November

Hello November!

Its been way too long SAMELIA’s WORLD… Yours truly is back to blogging original post here every Monday

Most of you probably are wondering… “SAMELIA’s WORLD is back, where did you go?”

For those of you who were unaware or new to my website…  SAMELIA’s WORLD “BLOG” site has been down since January 2018 (almost two years). This was in order for yours truly to continue growing, as well as focus on some personal goals I wanted to achieve. Ultimately, forcing me to take a step back from blogging on this website. An if yours truly can give any of you advice on juggling it all… It takes constant scheduling and planning to succeed at accomplishing several goals at a time.

Now, those of you keeping up… Who have been waiting patiently, and continuously asking yours truly on a pretty consistent basis  “Are you ok, what’s going on with you in your life? How is your son, Atlin and of course, What’s up in your beauty world?”

Well, you know me, and yours truly will always let you know!  Now, I’m just going to do it in a manner where everyone has access to it all in one place and we can talk about it… ONLINE!

Yep, it is time and it is all here! My personal blogs, Youtube channel, Tweets, Instagram post, profession portfolios & beauty services; along with so much more… 


Welcome to my blog – “SAMELIA’s WORLD” where you can find out everything you want – my latest speaking engagements, travels, beauty favs and tips. Get an insight into my lifestyle, being a single mom, and much, much more…

SAMELIA’s WORLD let’s catch up!


Yours truly now has a teenager in the house. Yep, that’s right Atlin is now 13 years of age. He is growing each day and eating up everything, it is nuts! SAMELIA’s WORLD there is definitely a difference  between elementary and middle school. Which I will talk to you all about in another post.

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On the beauty side of things, yours truly is still at it and so many wonderful things are happening. We had an amazing time this Halloween with friends.

Well SAMELIA’s WORLD yours truly could write all day… But I will be posting an original post every Monday. As well as, you all can see my latest post Tuesday and Thursday from Youtube. Along with the everyday tweets on Twitter and Instagram post. 

See you soon!