Happy New Year 2019

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Yours truly here and I want to start off by wishing everyone a “Happy New Year!”

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful holiday season and brought the New Year in with a bang! Can’t wait to catch up and hear all your stories. 

As usual, the New Year brings those always-ambitious New Year resolutions (sigh). A fresh start, making more money, saving more, and losing weight are some common resolutions I often come across.

Well let me just say that after eating that SUPER yummy Christmas dinner at my moms AND the leftovers (funny how the leftovers seem to get better day by day) shedding some of the extra pounds are definitely on my resolution list. Do not hesitate to check out my youtube channel those of you looking for some fitness motivation this New Year. As I am constantly maintaining the body.  Interesting enough though,  perfecting my craft in at the top of the resolution list this year!

Yours truly has express many times how much I LOVE what I do!?!  If it is your first time to my blog, yours truly is a celebrity makeup artist and esthetician. That has been so blessed to have the opportunity to work my magic with some incredible people through the years that I cannot even begin to tell you how fortunate I am.

Remember, when you find a “hobby” you love, you never “WORK” a day in your life!

Yes, I said “hobby”!

As makeup and skincare are things I have been into forever!!! Literally, doing my girlfriend’s makeup before we would step out. So extreme, not even letting friends and family in my car if they were not while put together! An some of you reading this who know “me,” truly know what I am talking about. 

Skincare HA!

Yours truly can laugh thinking back… In a million years, yours truly would never have imagined I  would be helping others with skincare. Although, I’ve realized it has always been my fetish. Pointing out blemishes, tweezing ingrown hairs, and always being in boys faces at school… Some thought I was being “fresh” and trying to talk to boys… But yours truly will admit it was just me being mean to them at times *_* LOL! 

Ultimately, I enjoy popping pimples and picking in people’s faces. Which my family and friends think is pretty sick. I loves alleviating others of there skincare issues as it makes me so happy! An some how has became not only a hobby, but SAMELIA’s WORLD!


So yours truly wants to encourage all of you to find something you love this year… An make it your thing! Learning more in depth about it, educating yourself as well as others. Becoming a leading source in that area. SAMELIA’s WORLD you all can truly do whatever it is you want to do. 

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On another note, yours truly received this amazing gift box full of tools from MAC Cosmetics, thank you so much! What better way to start the “NEW YEAR” than with items to enhance ones beauty and self-esteem!

Well yours truly is looking forward to hearing all the stories… What is on your New Year resolution list? Leave me a comment below SAMELIA’s WORLD. An do not forget to checkout the new youtube up today.