Holiday Grooming Gifts For Him

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As a men’s grooming expert, working my magic on some of music industry’s top hit makers and Hollywood’s hottest stars! Your truly would like to suggest men’s grooming products worth taking a peek at this holiday season. I think women forget that men like to smell, look and feel good as well. For them it is about the quality of the product, because they tend to keep things along time!

Think about it…

When’s the last time you’re husband, boyfriend, or man change their barber?

Most of the time to go with what they know, or what someone has given them to try. Somewhat better time of the year to give your man something new… Yours truly put together a few products that I use for my male clients and buy for Atlin, my ssamelia, samelia miller, sAmelia's world, samelia bleu de Chanel, Samelia Chanelon.

Who is becoming quite the young man.

So lets start…

Bleu de Chanel is not for a child, as my son definitely has mature taste when it comes to fragrances. Often picking out perfumes for yours truly! This cologne is for the classic man who likes a subtle, fresh and clean smell.



This fragrance is one of my personal favorites and has a little spice that is addicting. It is a the bit stronger side and yummy with it Ginger accents though. Ladies you can go wrong getting your man this scent.

samelia YSL, YSL, samelia, samelia's world,

Aveda Men Pure-performance™ Grooming Clay

Now I am sure a lot of you use Crews, Murray’s, Redken etc… Well, yours trying is a fan of this “Aveda ” mens pure-formance™ grooming clay. The Aveda for mens line is amazing! This hair product is light weight adding texture easily to the hair. samelia aveda, aveda, hair,

Harry’s Winter Winston

Your truly loves the shave on men using Harry’s Winter Winston razor. It is so smooth, and that is important in my opinion. As women like to snuggle up under a men’s chin and it annoying when a man’s face is scratches you. With this razor you get no scratching against your cheeks ladies the first time!

Feeling almost like a baby’s butt. LOL!

Now you are probably wondering, “SAMELIA how do you know..?”

Not everything on the your truly is waxed, too get personal. That’s right, I use this harry razor To shave my legs and clients call me raving about it when they make the switch!

Harry’s is not common. So for those of you not sure… Your truly suggest you try it.

harry's samelia, samelia harry's

Foaming Shave Gel

My clients love this shaving cream, its  rich foam and helps the razor glide pretty smooth. Many men are not concern about this fact but, did you all know company uses natural ingredients such a aloe, cucumber,  and more to hydrate the skin?

Well they do ladies and gentleman  and this is so great to maintain great men’s skincare.  Skincare is extremely important you guys… Harry’s has some great holiday sets, you can  also buy them separate or with the razor etc…


So here are just a few of some of the holiday gifts I suggest for men’s grooming. It’s not often that we pick up or think about men skincare. But, is truly useful. As they need love too… Hope this helps some of you all?