CHIEF’s Win the Super Bowl Black History Begins

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Samelia’s World yours truly would like to congratulate the Kansas City Chief’s winning the Super Bowl this weekend. Such a great game. An the half time performance by Shakira and JLO was amazing! Yours truly loved the Miami festive colors, dancing and entertainment by the two talented artist. I have to say I was curious to see if Shakira could still move those hips… HA!

On the other hand Samelia’s World, it’s “Black History Month”!

samelia, samelia's world, samelia miller, black history, Black American, 2017 For those of you who have no clue about what this is or means… SAMELIA’s WORLD let me tell you. It is an annual celebration/observance of Black American accomplishments in U.S. history. If it was not for those before us, slavery, segregation and other events that occurred… Black American’s progression may not be as far as it is… “President Obama”, is just one of the great examples of black progression in America. Interesting enough he is the only “president” my son Atlin knows.  Which is really weird. An when he said “Mommy, I want to be the president of the United States”…

Prior to Obama, I think I would have told him “goodluck”…

Not in American! 

Now I tell him,  “The possibilities are endless”...

Best part about Black History Month is not just the sports and entertainment… Which are the most commonly known accomplishments. People educate us on other interesting facts that we are unaware of.

This month Samelia’s World you all will learn about some of the things in Black History that I love and appreciated. That I hope you find interesting as well…?

Stay tuned