Summer Activewear

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Now, about to this workout thing… HA!

Some people think that just because you’re working out, it is your opportunity to “look crazy” while you’re in the quest to put it all back together.

Hmmm… (as my first finger goes up and wags the disapproving “no-no,” my lips twist to the side and head is down and shaking side to side).

Umm, that would be “NO!”


First of all, you are already faced with the problem of having to get started… With the disappointing thought you gotta lose weight, so do not compound it with not liking how you look while you are doing it.

Yes, keep it all in perspective and keep to that budget if necessary, but the better you look the better you’re going to feel.  So, your emphasis on getting a good pair of hot kicks is as important as going to pick up those Gucci’s or sexy Christian Louboutin’s!
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If you don’t know what to buy, check out your local Foot Locker or athletic store or ask your partner to recommend or pick up some good workout shoes for you.

After all, they might raise an eyebrow (or two…wink-wink)!

If not here a few places I like to shop for my activewear you may want to try.

  1. Nike – Most are familiar with this brand but if you are not… They have a variety of different activewear style for all type of sports and fitness activities you plan to do on your weight loss journey. At a pretty affordable price.
  2. Fabletics – Yours truly love this brand by Kate Hudson because the sportswear is chosen based on “your” lifestyle and fashion preference. Which is pretty cool to me.
  3. Lululemon – One of my favorites for both men and women, not only having athletic apparel but lifestyle clothing as well. I must inform you though, it is a Canadian brand that has some expensive quality wear..

You may also want to try places like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and JCPenny where you can get a variety of brands in one place at a possibly lower price!

If you are unsure of what to purchase, hopefully some of my past examples  of what I have worn give you a better idea. You can also check out my youtube activewear lookbook.

Let me know what you think.