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 If you ask a child “Can you sing, dance, act, or draw..?”  

Most children will tell you “YES”!

As it is not until someone tells a child they “cannot” do something that they believe they can’t.  Art to me is freedom of expression, the mind, and God-given talent. So, yours truly believes that anything with the involvement of effort, like Atlin’s painting above…  “Is art”!

Whether or not someone else enjoy’s, likes or thinks ones art is great is a matter of taste.  

There is so many things “I LOVE”… But, this painting  by my son truly allows me to see into his mind. Pay attention to your child and the things that they enjoy or that bring them peace.  As it always amazes me to see how young children think.  

 What brings you peace? Painting is apart of the “Stuff I Love”… 


“When you paint you don’t have a care in the world. The possibilities are endless!!!”




 If you ask a child “Can you sing, dance, act, or draw..?”