February Events

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Hello February

SAMELIA’s WORLD this is an extremely busy month. Well… Yours truly has to think when is it not a busy month HA! As February is my favorite month.

First, off it is the month I was created… Shout out to all the Pisces! Swim, swimmers and continue to move… That’s right! My birthday is coming up and yours truly is always happy that I am able to live another day. As everyday SAMELIA’s WORLD is truly not given to us. Sometimes I feel people take time on this earth for granted. Do you all feel like this at times? So if you are living and not just existing pat yourself on the back! Remembering that everyday is a new day, and you can always started over…

Next, it is a time to rejoice celebrating black culture and its history in America. As SAMELIA’s WORLD is reminded everyday through the trials and tribulations in the beauty industry that yours truly is black in America. Some may think because you see me here with celebrities, on my Instagram or twitter that yours truly has it easy… But, I have to give credit truly to my faith and family for being able to make it each day. As there are a lot of evil and malicious people out there waiting to “take” a shot at what they see as success. *_*

Remember to be mindful that Donald Trump has made it acceptable for people now to take there “MASK’ OFF. Showing us how they really feel about all races in America.  View Post