As you all know Yours Truly is constantly on the go taking trips for my favorite “hobbie” which is makeup, friends, and family functions. All that traveling comes with an occasional hiccup or “learning experience” as I prefer to call it 🙂

Believe me, yours truly has definitely experienced the “oh my gosh my lotion exploded” moment. So today I’m sharing with you tips to keep traveling with the beauty products and makeup simple.

Okay SAMELIA’s WORLD, when you are thinking about what makeup to bring consider products that multitask and are NOT liquid.  Yours Truly understands that we are now at the end of winter so liquids are still necessary but creams and dry products are less risky and can work just as well.  samelia, samelia miller, samelia's world, samelia's world blog, smashbox, samelia Anastasia, Anastasia Beverly Hills, samelia Anastasia Beverly Hills

Also pick an eyeshadow pallet that is versatile to give you a couple different looks instead of packing a ton of different pallets. You can go with a twist up eyeliner instead of a traditional one which requires a sharpener (just another thing to pack). Twist up liners do tend to get a rounded tip but should be fine for a short 2 to 3 day trip.

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There are many beauty companies and Department Stores that sell makeup in travel sizes. I’ve listed some of these companies and you may click the link to there websites below:

So if you’re traveling for Spring Break or just taking a trip during the Spring remember these tips to help make your trip simply beautiful!