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Well, it is back to school for most of us… Yep, time to get back to work, blogging, and now for yours truly is vlogging as well! The “vlog”, is one of my latest and greatest social media platform experiments on youtube for those of you who are unaware of what I am talking about. Every Tuesday and Thursday yours truly, started a “SAMELIA’s WORLD” youtube channel posting new videos on beauty, travel, and my lifestyle.

Yes… I had to take a minute to myself from the blog. Totally excited to get back blogging! As we all get busy, grow, experience change, and/or newness in our lives.   Hoping that you enjoy my world. As I know there is so much chaos going on elsewhere! Hopefully yours truly can empower and inspire those of you needing that extra motivation.

Right now, yours truly is trying to get Atlin my son, back into the routine of things… Parents we all can be able to relate to this. As the summer is over!

As her children think it is the time of the year for shopping, new clothes, gear, and school supplies. Some of us tend to go a little overboard… This year I have decided to help with “Sticking To The List”

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  • Stick to the list: Most teachers give a class supply list at the start of the year for students. So, instead of going out and purchasing things you “think” your child will need (which could be a waste of the extra pocket change), stick to the teachers class list!
  • Pack a lunch: If you are like myselfyou’re concerned that the school cafeteria does not offer enough healthy choices. Packing a lunch a couple times a week will allow your child to enjoy his or her favorite from home… And parents are able to help their kids eat more healthy
  • Tags/Labels: Remember to tag or label all your children’s clothing and school items. As everyone purchases the same items and this helps to make sure your child and identify his or her things easier. Also, it is less likely the chance of being lost.

Following these simple steps should help you save a little easier this back-to-school.

In the meantime, yours truly hopes that you all has amazing summer! Would love to hear about some of your great adventures.

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