Well, well, WELL!

It is that time of year again and the culmination of ALL of my party planning efforts for my son, Atlin’s, birthday party proved to be a HUGE success in the past! Yours truly could not be happier then to see him grow to the young man he is becoming. I feel like it was just yesterday we were celebrating his 7th birthday. HA!

Reliving this… Look, having a birthday party is a full scale production, people, and when it is your son’s birthday party? Forget about it! We are going IN!

But before the festivities began, the drama of course had to unfurl as we worked hard to get ready for Tot Fest! I’m remembering on this Monday…

First, the guest bathroom TOILET completely broke down the night before. Then, at 6:45am the morning of the party, I awoke not to the sound of my super excited little boy raving about his party, but the voice of the “Wow Party Rental” company telling me on the phone they cannot bring our pre-ordered Incredible Hulk bouncer…  That yours truly had to choose another option within 15 minutes so they could get one to us in time! wow party rental, samelia, terrell Owens, samelia miller, terrell Owens kids, black celebrity kids


GRRR! Let the challenges of the day commence!

Having to face the stress of everyday life as a single mom and a professional, one would assume I can handle a child’s birthday party, right?


Having been up early to handle the plumbing issue in the guest bathroom (imagine a host of kids at a birthday party and there’s no bathroom…not good…), yours truly was already in the process of getting a toilet from the local Do It Center, and thanks to the “Trust Plumbing” company… They saved the day! (Note to self, next option would have been a portable potty…and at a kids party that could be bad news…).

Crises number 1 and 2 of the day? Averted! We were back on course and full speed ahead in Samelia’sWorld! Like any parent, I always want the things I plan for Atlin to go well.

My son has never had his father attend any of his birthday parties due to his absence over the past several years, as everyone already knows. That was first on his little birthday “wish” list. Even with all of the chaos surrounding Terrell and I in our lives, this year his NFL career wouldn’t be in the way and one would assume the superstar who goes by the name of “T.O.” would not be a “No Show” for his son’s special event…

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Then, there is the “wish” of fulfilling the dream of Atlin’s theme for his party. LOL!

And, back to the nightmare we go!

Mr. Captain America, straight from Birthday Party Characters, was supposed to be the host, entertainment and theme of the party… BUT HE DID NOT CALL NOR DID HE SHOW UP!!!

How crazy is that?


My friends were all wonderful for stepping up in the entertainment department. And wouldn’t you know, the Wow Party rental came through with the jumper!

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In steps superstar Stacy Rosas, who stepped in and thanks to her AMAZING face painting skills (and you know as a professional makeup artist how critical I am of this- yes, even at a kids party!), the kids looked outstanding!

We were on our way!

Now what would a kids party be without food?

When you’re feeding a mass of children (and adults for that matter), you have to FEED them!

So a big shout out to161 STREET PIZZA. They provided the NEW YORK STYLE variety of pizza (Atlin’s FAVORITE) and did a superb up job! From the fresh mozzarella, BBQ chicken, and even making a GLUTEN FREE VEGAN PIZZA, what else could yours truly ask for! Thank you Matt and all the 161 Street Pizza family!

For dessert, of course, Atlin’s favorite cake from Baskin Robbins! NEVER FAILS! 🙂

Take a Look! Despite all the challenges of the day, his party was a success and ended up being one of Atlin’s favorite birthday parties


And, oh yeah, topping it off was Atlin’s big wish for his FATHER Terrell Owens to show up actually coming true!  Pictures do not lie, so take a look at Atlin’s daddy doing some serious cake work! Daddy Duty in full effect ya’ll! Happy for the two of them honestly…

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As the day wound down, I realized there’s nothing more important than family and friends.

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