Bandeau Bikini

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Yours truly wanted to share with you on this throwback Thursday

This is an incredible Spring throwback… This Bandeau Bikini made yours truly feel go she was a big girl. That’s right, when I got this bathing suit I thought I was too hot to trot!

You see, growing up in Miami it seems like everyone had a pool and the beach was just a part of your lifestyle. Yours truly may live in Los Angeles, but I am in Miami girl at heart. There is a big difference in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.!

For those of you who have never been to either…

The Pacific ocean is freezing cold, not as clear blue and extremely rough my opinion. Whereas the Atlantic it is so warm it reminds you to taking a hot bath.

Okay yours truly going is taking it to the extreme… LOL

What type of seafood that comes out of each of the body of water is completely different! Of course I would say that…

Both are beautiful! Yours truly has the best of both worlds…

Hello Spring