SAMELIA’s Holiday Travel Tips

samelia's holiday travel tips, holiday travel tips, travel tips, tips, travel, samelia travel, samelia lifestyle, samelia, samelia's world, samellia millerIt is no secret the holiday’s season is here. This is the time for Christmas list, holiday parties, family, and friends.   It is also one of the most traveled times of the year.   With all that is going on this country, Europe, and etc.… Yours truly would like to encourage all of you to be cautious and happy if the airports security is invasive.

Yes, I said “happy if the airports security is invasive”!

As it only means security is doing their job! So yours truly suggests if you and your love ones I’m flying trying to the airport much earlier than you usually would. Stay on top of your travel plans by using apps, airline alerts, and making sure before you leave to go to the airport your check online about your flights status.

I did some driving during the Thanksgiving holiday. Yours truly would like to completely suggest having alternate routes on your holiday drive. I went through rain, sleet, and snow on that trip. Ha! (SMH thinking about that)

Which leads yours truly to my next thought… Make sure to pack food or snacks, especially those of you with children like myself. As you never know what is going to happen, but I suggest you always be prepared. You never know…

Lastly, do not travel on the busiest travel days. As yours truly understands Worldlers that some of you I have “no” choice…

Okay, enough of my basic travel tips. Be safe my lovely world and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


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