Ugly Christmas Sweater Giveaway!

samelia, samelia's world, samelia miller, samelia holiday blog, holiday blog, ugly sweater, ugly Christmas sweater, samelia ugly Christmas sweater, samelia's world giveaway, giveaway, samelia gviveawayHappy Monday SAMELIA’s WORLD!

It is time to giveaway one of winter’s worst fashion favorites of the seasonThat’s right, yours truly said it!

The Ugly Christmas Sweater!!!


Interesting enough, it’s actually hard-to-find the authentic 80’s sweaters. That can actually be a bit pricey nowadays. That’s right… Once thought of as is extremely tacky… Now, one of the biggest holidays party craze!

From people having do-it-yourself parties, stores completely selling out the minute the ugly things enter the store, to celebrities and fashion designers creating lines of them.

Even having me write about them… As you know I am into “BEAUTY” LOL!

“Congrats,” Ugly Christmas Sweaters you have definitely made a huge comeback!

An “SAMELIA’s WORLD” has an Ugly Christmas Sweater for one of my world followers!

All you have to do to win this Ugly Christmas Sweater is: 

  1. Fill in your information in the section that says “Join My World Below”(on the top right sidebar).
  2. Leave a comment telling me why you want this Ugly Christmas Sweater… HA 🙂

This beautiful, wait “UGLY” sweater may be yours on December 12, when yours truly announces the winner at 3pm!